16 July 2010

Patty Murray for Senator. Yeah, Okay. I guess.

I will vote for Senator Murray, but I am very disappointed by the Democratic Party. Accusations of "socialism" aside, the Democrats have still not learned what their opponent's great strength is, nor do they seem to have a grasp of what their own role in national politics is, or should be.

The GOP stands more or less united for their (mostly reprehensible and disingenuous) principles. They present a strong front that many Americans (heaven help us) perceive as great leadership. They define problems, no matter how absurd, and present solutions, no matter how ridiculous. You're unemployed because of illegal aliens! Solution: check everyone's citizenship and build a wall.

It is important for many reasons that the GOP not resume legislative power. They have done enough damage since 1980 or so. 

The Democratic Party should stand for the working man, the oppressed, the minority. It should be proud to advocate for a strong social support network, including health care, child care, unemployment, and education. It should stand for building a nation that the rest of the world can look up to, and turn to in times of need. It should not be afraid of meaningless names called by ignorant hecklers.

The Democratic Party must loudly remind Americans that the economic meltdown of 2007-8 is the legacy of Reagan, Bush, Bush, and Cheney. They must take a stand to end the Bush-instigated lie-based wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They must strongly advocate a return to the civil liberties we enjoyed in this nation before we allowed a handful of terrorists to scare us into giving them up. And they must be the truly inclusive party, the one that welcomes people of all races and spiritual persuasions, all nationalities, all types of personal orientation, with liberty and justice for all.

It will take courage and conviction to stand for and behind these principles, but if led with fearless and strong conviction, America can and will prove once again that it is capable of being a great nation, perhaps even the greatest nation on Earth.

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